Samantha sings the shows…from the Grosvenor balcony.

If Shakespeare at Shaftesbury cattle market was one of the unlikeliest events of 2016, the performance of International singer Samantha from the balcony of the Georgian ballroom at the Grosvenor Arms Hotel in the town centre was one of the most moving. The audience in the main street, some 30ft below her to listen to her hour-long medley of songs from stage and screen, were blissfully unaware that Samantha suffers from a serious fear of heights – so throughout her hour-long performance she was in a state of near-panic!

“Fortunately there’s a sturdy handrail there I could hold onto very tightly – and I did!” said Samantha. “The crowd was blissfully unaware I was in a state of terror throughout the performance. But they obviously enjoyed it because some of them were even dancing impromptu in the road.”

The Grosvenor Arms Hotel has various rooms that will be available as venues for Shaftesbury fringe 2017 so if you are an artist and interested in performing here you can find all the information you need on the venues page.