The Team

Sue Allatt

Co-Chair Shaftesbury Fringe

Looking after: Production & marketing


About: Living and working between Shaftesbury and London, production is her passion. Producing high end advertising campaigns for the last 20 years for her stable of international photographers and artists.

Karen Brazier

Social Media

About: Karen began her career in publishing before side-stepping into marketing, and has worked in both tourism and education. A Shaftesbury resident since 2007, she believes there is no finer county than Dorset and waxes lyrical about her favourite haunts in her blog

Ben Denham

Sponsorship & Revenue


About: Born and bred in North Dorset, Ben is a teacher at Gillingham School. Performing arts is one of Ben’s passions alongside running the local basketball team and previously being involved in international sports. Ben has performed on the stage at The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil, in Shaftesbury at the Arts Centre and has been in a multitude of theatrical and singing events. He has even directed the odd village pantomime. Ben wants to help the Fringe grow from strength to strength.

Amber Harrison

About: Amber’s role in corporate social responsibility takes her far and wide but her heart and home remains in Shaftesbury where she’s lived for the past ten years. She’s a trustee of the Rolt Millennium Green and serves on the board of Shaftesbury Arts Centre, where she produces the programme, advertising and social media.

Andy Hargreaves

Website & Registrations


About: Andy lives in Shaftesbury and manages several websites including He’s a keen amateur photographer and a member of the Shaftesbury Camera Club.

Kevin Harrison

About: Kevin has lived in Shaftesbury for ten years and works three days a week as a software developer for a leading global consultancy company.

He is the Membership Secretary of the Shaftesbury Arts Centre, where he also manages the website and booking system. He is looking forward to helping make the 2019 Fringe another resounding success.

Teresa Hatcher

Financial Director

Looking after: The Fringe budget, grants and financial awards


About: Teresa lives and works in Shaftesbury and after enjoying the 2016 Fringe quickly signed up to join the team.

Keri Jones

Press & Publicity


About: Keri has a long track record in media management, running several award winning local radio stations. He lives in Shaftesbury and currently produces and presents a weekly news podcast focused on the Shaftesbury at

Dave Martin

General Enquiries


About: Dave has a background of project management and currently works at Swans Yard in Shaftesbury, with the help of his dog Luna. In his spare time he is an itinerant musician and photographer and is powered by mindless optimism and copious amounts of coffee.

Rob Neely

Co-Chair Shaftesbury Fringe

Looking after: Venues


About: Roberto is Master Of Venues. In fact we’d be surprised if there’s any potential venue in Shaftesbury that Rob hasn’t visited or signed up! Artist and garden designer, Rob is also owner of the very beautiful The Dorset Store, a treasure trove in the centre of town.

Rose Ouston



About: Rose has lived in Shaftesbury for almost four years, where she is involved in a number of groups – fertile ground for recruiting volunteers! Having grown up near Edinburgh, she knows how much a Fringe can bring to a town and is delighted to be involved in it happening in Shaftesbury.

Andy Tebbutt-Russell & Samantha



About:  Andy and Samantha were principal organisers of Shaftesbury Fringe 2016. Andy is a theatrical producer and manager and Samantha is a singer/actress.