Shaftesbury School Head Boy On Top Form For Fringe Comedy

One of Britain’s youngest stand-up comedians will be the hardest working performer over the Shaftesbury Fringe weekend.

17-year old Jacob Hulland has been writing material for his four shows in between studying for his ‘A’ levels at Shaftesbury School, where he is Head Boy.

Jacob first discovered his talent for making people laugh at school, by impersonating his teachers during a concert four years ago.

His first ‘public’ performance was at Shaftesbury Fringe 2016 and he’s entertained audiences regularly since then.

Surprisingly, Jacob chose comedy to help him overcome his shyness and boost his confidence. “Comedy really throws you in the deep end,” Jacob says.

Both of Jacob’s parents are actors and he says that they have supported and inspired him. “When I was very little I remember dad being on stage and thinking he was so brave. If I’m brave like that then life will be good,” Jacob says.

Although Jacob is a teenager he is confident that older audiences will appreciate his routine.

“I’m 17 but I act like a 55-year-old,” Jacob confides before listing his comic influences, including Eric Morecambe and the late Sir Ken Dodd. “He used innuendo but it was suggestive. He didn’t go all the way,” Jacob muses.

“I don’t like to see a comedian swearing, being negative and pessimistic. People come out to have a laugh.” Jacob says that his shows will be family-friendly.

Jacob Hulland intends to make a career out of comedy. With his determination and devotion, he should achieve the success of his comic heroes.