How does Fringe work?

Here at Fringe HQ we act as ‘facilitators’ between you and your venue(s) and undertake promotion of your event to the best of our ability.

We are also here to offer any help or advice in choosing a suitable venue, or to answer any questions you may have.

Please note that we don’t get involved with any arrangements made between you and your venue.

How long should my show(s) be:

Fringe shows usually run for approximately one hour – but there is no ‘normal’ in Fringe!

The length of your show depends on your type of performance and any time restrictions that may exist at your chosen venue.  You can check this with them directly.

Can I sell tickets to my show(s):

· Many performers ‘pass the hat’ however:
· You can sell tickets to your show on the door – please check with your venue that they are happy for you to do this – or
· You can sell tickets in advance through your venue – please discuss and agree terms for this arrangement with your venue – and/or
· You can sell tickets through our Tourist Office. Please contact Shaftesbury TIC David Taylor tic@shaftesburytourism.co.uk.
Please note there is a 10% handling fee payable for this service.

When is the deadline for registering my show?

We will need to have received your online registration with payment no later than 31 March 2017.

What information is needed to register?

You only need to give us some basic information about your show(s) on the Registration Form including:

  • the name and address of the confirmed venue
  • the show title (if known), genre, dates, times and ticket prices (if applicable) of your show
  • your chosen contact name and details including phone/mobile, email and website if any

NOTE: You do NOT need to have full details of what your show is called, your Programme copy or any images at the Registration stage.

What is the registration fee?

Registration Fees for 2017 are £15 per performance or exhibition per venue. There is an example of how to work this out at the top of the Registration page. Registration is free for under 18s.

What does my registration fee give me?

The registration fee gives you access to all the promotion and marketing services of Shaftesbury Fringe. These include:

  • Free listing of your event and image in 10,000 copies of our full colour glossy A5 Shaftesbury Fringe Programme
  • Free listing of your event in a special 16-page full colour supplement in the local free newspaper, distributed to 55,000 people weekly
  • Free online listing of your event, with image or images, on shaftesburyfringe.co.uk
  • Tickets for ticketed events on sale through the Shaftesbury Fringe box office at Shaftesbury Arts Centre and Shaftesbury Tourist Information Centre.
  • Support from our Fringe Team during the Fringe weekend.
  • Assistance and support with all aspects of your Shaftesbury Fringe visit.

How do I pay the registration fee?

After you have filled out your Registration Form go to the Payment Page under the same tab.

Instructions for using the various methods of payment are there from BACs, debit and credit card to good old cheques (yes, we still accept those too!).

When do you want copy and images for the Fringe programme?

Once we have received your Registration form and payment you will need to send us your final copy and images for our Fringe Programme by 30 April at the latest.

This information needs to include the exact start and end time for your event and any recommended age restrictions due to suitability (e.g. for adult content etc). Please remember that incorrect or inaccurate event timings can cause confusion and, once published, they cannot be corrected.

What format should I use to send my images to you for the Fringe programme?

Please send us your image and/or graphic in high resolution jpeg format.

You are welcome to send us a selection of images and/or graphics but no more than 3 please per show.  These images will be used for marketing and publicity purposes.

Please email these with your final Programme copy (including title, the name of the artiste(s) and latest contact details) to info@shaftesburyfringe.co.uk.

The deadline for copy and images for the programme is 30 April 2017. Any later and we will not have enough time to get you in our Fringe programme.

What else will you do to promote my show?

Fringe HQ will distribute any flyers, posters and/or promotional material you give us around various official sites within the town. More information is provided on the Registration page.