Become a Venue


Useful information for participating venues:

Performers will approach you having seen your listing on our website.
You can invite performers to book your venue from any other source.
You will need to discuss details of what they want to do, their performance length, and any facilities they might need. They will book their slot(s) directly with you.
Please note that this agreement is solely between you and the performer. We suggest you have a wall chart that you fill in as your bookings come in. Allow about 20-30 minutes between acts to allow for performers to clear/set up.
There are a number of ways venues and performers can agree to stage a show. These include:

  • Free Fringe – (this is the most widely used Shaftesbury Fringe model)
    The venue allows the performer to use the venue free of charge in anticipation of increased PR/trade/revenue. The performer might charge or ask to ‘pass a hat round’ for donations at the end of the show.
  • Door split – Either performers charge the audience to see their show and this money is split between their venue and the performer or kept entirely by one or other party. Or The performer hires the venue, and keeps some or all of any money. The greater the hire fee the more of the entry money the performer keeps (sometimes 100%).
  • Traditional show – The venue pays the performer and the venue charges for entry, if they want to, either on the door or by selling tickets, keeping any money.

The Shaftesbury Fringe team

The Fringe Team provides:
Guidance to help performers choose which venue(s) to approach by matching their requirements with the information you gave us when you registered.
Support leading up to and during the Fringe weekend to ensure everything runs smoothly and your shows are successful.
Two entries in our official Fringe Programme (which most visitors to the Fringe use to choose which shows to see). 2000+ copies will be printed and distributed. One entry lists all your shows with performer/date/time details. The other entry references your position on a map of Shaftesbury.
Contact details for all the team members are available here.

Shaftesbury Fringe Programme
Once you have agreed and confirmed your shows, the performer is responsible for sending us copy about his/her show, their venue and any photos for entry into our official Fringe Programme.
However, it is vital that information we receive is correct so we ask you to let us have details of your bookings in order to double check copy before going to press. The information we will need is:
Venue name.
Act name.
Dates and times.
Free or price of tickets.

Legal Matters
Terms and Conditions should be agreed with the performer before confirming a booking.
Shaftesbury Fringe or its organisers have no involvement in the agreement or the financial side of any arrangement you make with the performer.
If you are concerned about public liability insurance we suggest you contact your insurance company.
For any venue queries please contact our Master of Fringe Venues, Rob Neely, who will be happy to help.