Rob Neely

Looking after: Venues

Performance Category: Poetry, Spoken Word


Bio- Roberto is Master Of Venues, in fact we’d be surprised if there’s any potential venue in Shaftesbury that Rob hasn’t visited or signed up! Artist and garden designer, Rob is also owner of the very beautiful The Dorset Store, an emporium of marvellous delights.


James Thrift

Looking after: Website and Sponsorship

Performance Category: Dance


Bio: James has been involved in running community events in Shaftesbury for the last decade or so. He spends far too much time staring at computer screens in his role as the Dorset Mac Man, including the creation of this website.


Georgie Kirby

Looking after: Social Media

Performance category: Theatre and Children’s theatre


Bio: Georgie runs The Big Beautiful Bunting Co. from her home studio in Shaftesbury and has been organising community events of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years. Georgie will be managing social media and web content as well as looking after the Theatre and children’s theatre category for Shaftesbury fringe 2017.


Lee Hennessy

Looking after: Web and programme content

Performance category: Music


Bio: Lee retired from the University of Bath a couple of years ago. She returned to Dorset after an absence of 35 years and is loving Shaftesbury. Lee is involved in a range of local activities and is very excited about the Shaftesbury Fringe as she will be looking after the music category with David.


David Cohen

Looking after: Sponsorship

Performance category: Music


Bio: David is a former English teacher and was a founder member of the Badger Poets – until recently the longest running performance poetry group in the country. David will be looking after the music category for Shaftesbury fringe 2017.

Sue Allatt

Looking after: Production and General enquiries

Performance category: Exhibitions

Email: and

Bio: Living and working in Shaftesbury & mum of 2 gorgeous teenagers. Passionate about photography & the arts. Representing great photographers & artists for the last 25 years.


Natalie Evans

Looking after: Team Fringe and Accommodation

Performance category: Cabaret, Variety, Magicians, Street and Circus


Bio: In her past life Natalie used to be a BBC-TV Producer but now runs a bespoke kitchen company with her husband in Dorset. They live in Shaftesbury with their 2 teenage boys and 2 miniature schnauzers. Natalie looks after Magicians, Circus and Street performers and Puppetry for Fringe 2017 as well as Fringe Accommodation.

Richard Thomas

Looking after: Press

Performance category: Comedy

Email: and

Bio: This is author and journalist Richard’s seventh arts festival, having organised Shaftesbury’s first arts and music festival in 2010 and 2011, been co-organiser of Shaftesbury Festival 2012-2014 and Shaftesbury Fringe in 2016. Richard will be looking after the Comedy category for Shaftesbury fringe 2017.