60 Seconds with…ScuttleShake!

We ask the award winning, acoustic four-piece to put down their instruments and answer some serious questions…

Q: How did you first discover your talent?

We were a bunch of friends who had all enjoyed playing music individually and we thought we’d give it a go playing as a band, just for fun. And we discovered we really do have fun!

We got a lot of encouragement from the guys at Coda Music Trust – a music charity on the Dorset/Hampshire border – to start playing live, and we did our first public performance in one of their regular acoustic evenings.

Over time we got a bit braver, performing more frequently to a real mix of crowds – who have generally been incredibly positive and supportive – and we eventually made our first EP/CD ‘Kindling’ a year ago (shameless plug: the CD is available by emailing us via our Facebook page!).

Q: Which three words best describe your act?

Relaxed, folksy, country-ish

Q: How many shows have you performed to date and which was your favourite?

We haven’t played loads of shows but we played regularly throughout 2015 & 2016, and performing in the 1st Shaftesbury Fringe Festival was certainly one of the highlights – not just because we won an award! We played in the Mitre which was a lovely venue with a really nice acoustic and a very intimate feel, and the audience was great.

We also loved playing at the Purbeck Folk Festival and more recently had a fabulous time at the Bristol Bluegrass & Americana Festival which had such a knowledgeable, listening, generous audience and a great sound system.

Q: Which two fictional characters from film, literature or theatre would you replace your parents with?

Moominmamma and Rose from the Golden Girls. Just because.

Q: What was the best piece of advice you have been given by a fellow performer?

‘Don’t let anxiety limit you’ and ‘playing music is like baking – we all make mistakes doing it, but the art is in how quickly you recover’.

Q: Will you be performing at Shaftesbury Fringe 2017? What’s the plan?

You bet! We’re playing at the Mitre again, on Saturday 1 July at 2pm. The plan’s pretty simple – play some old favourites and some new songs and hope to have as much fun as last time!

You can follow ScuttleShake on Facebook. Thanks ladies!