60 Seconds with…Jacqueline Kroft!

The beautiful and amazingly talented Jacqueline Kroft tells us about perfect parents and learning scales on both hands…

Q: How did you first discover your talent?

A: When I was 10 years old, I had my first  fell in love with the piano.
Q: Which three words best describe your act?

A: Passionate, quirky and evocative.

Q: How many shows have you performed to date and which was your favourite?

A: Around 700.

Q: Which two fictional characters from film, literature or theatre would you replace your parents with?

A: My parents couldn’t be replaced by anyone!
Q: What was the best piece of advice you have been given by a fellow performer?

A: Learn my scales in both hands on the piano.
Q: Will you be performing at Shaftesbury Fringe 2017? What’s the plan?

A: Yes and I’m really looking forward to it! Playing at the Grosvenor courtyard, on 1st July 7PM

You can find out more about Jaqueline here on her website. Thanks Jacqueline!