60 Seconds with…Anne-Louise!

We talk to the Shaftesbury based folk singer about classical concerts and middle earth. Here’s 60 seconds with Anne-Louise…

Q: How did you first discover your talent?

A: I’ve always been singing, ever since I was tiny. I daresay I even tried having a little sing whilst still in the womb!

Q: Which three words best describe your act?

A: Inviting, friendly, familiar.

Q: How many shows have you performed to date and which was your favourite?

A: A few; a small gig here and there, a couple of classical concerts, fundraisers…my favourite by far and away was the first classical concert I hosted two years ago to raise money for “Children’s Chance”, a Salisbury-based charity that first funded my singing lessons when I was 13. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to give something back.

Q: Which two fictional characters from film, literature or theatre would you replace your parents with?

A: Tough question. I think it would be pretty good to have Aragorn and Arwen from Middle-earth as parents. the bonus is, I’d be in Middle Earth!

Q: What was the best piece of advice you have been given by a fellow performer?

A: “If you’re nervous about looking at your audience, focus on a point beyond them first to clear your head.”

Q: Will you be performing at Shaftesbury Fringe 2017? What’s the plan?

A: I will indeed! I hope to be performing in two places, a gig at Shaftesbury Wines on the 2nd of July at 1pm and on the same day in Gilyard Scarth at 6pm. I hope to have a lovely audience to perform to!

You certainly will, thanks Anne-Louise!

Photo credit: Marcus Photography